Investment Philosophy


The “Investment Philosophy” at Sears Point Development is to buy property at the “right price”, in the “right condition” in the “right location”.

  • Price

    When investing in a property we look for a building or piece of land that is reasonably priced where we can create value. In many cases we can create value by changing the use, renovating, or expanding an existing building. Other times we look for creative ways to "fit" a building on to an otherwise thought to be non-conforming site. Often there are properties that are overlooked for the wrong reasons. We have vision and a knack for repositioning or changing a property to make it more valuable in order to generate higher returns.

  • Condition

    We tend to invest in properties that are in tough condition because we have the ability and experience to assess the condition and determine the costs for improvements upfront. With over 25 years of commercial construction experience, we can quickly identify the scope of work, produce accurate estimates and schedules and manage the overall construction process to full occupancy. Having control of the entire project allows Sears Point to keep costs under budget and projects completion dates on schedule.

  • Location

    Location is always a top consideration. We look for buildings that are deemed undesirable by other developers for cosmetic or other reasons in key locations. Sears Point prides itself on finding creative solutions to problems and making eyesores into desirable properties. Our partner engineers and architects can provide drawings and renderings to help clients and investors visualize potential improvements.

  • Strategy

    We have a mix of long-term income-producing projects and short-term development projects that we sell back to the investment community. Investment companies and/or individuals are constantly looking for alternative investments during these difficult times. Sears Point’s hands-on approach to development and its close relationships with our investors gives them the ability to make important investment decisions quickly and accurately.

  • Investors

    All of our investment partners are private individuals that we have formed relationships with over the years. All of these individuals are looking to invest in real estate with as little fees and overhead as possible. Our average returns are much higher than larger developers and REITS because our overhead is very low and the entire development process - including construction - is done in-house. Several of our investors are also in the development business and bring expertise to the process which keeps our costs down.